Three Things; Works in Progress – Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap Finished!

Great big stitched postcard swap finished

We’ve finished! Here are our postcards for the 7th Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. The theme for this swap was ‘Create’ we each attacked the brief in very different ways.

Sue's postcard - Front

This is the front of Sue’s postcard, Sue scanned in vintage haberdashery items from her own collection including a little felt needle case she made.

Sue's stitched postcard inside

This is the inside of Sue’s paper needle case. Sue made miniature cotton reels and created beautiful hand stitched needles made from metallic thread.

Laura's postcard

Laura’s postcard features a hard to capture selfie! She took the photograph of her right hand sewing her watch using her left hand. Laura then used a flat ribbon-like metallic thread to embellish and to give the suggestion that the watch is being sewn and that time is being created.

Kris' stitched postcard front

Kris’ postcard can not be captured in a single image so we have added the gallery below. Kris’ concertina design features his love of typography and has interactive whimsical suave faces on the reverse. Click on an image below to launch the gallery.