Three Things; Works in Progress – Key Chandelier

Key Chandelier

Kris has designed and made a vintage key Chandelier. This is a project that Kris has had in his mind for the last seven or eight years – now finally realised.

Key Chandelier by Kris Heath

It is in Laura and Kris’ bedroom and is a fair old size. The frame is made from the first canvas that Kris ever stretched for himself whilst doing his arts foundation. He never much liked the painting itself and so pulled it apart but kept the stretcher. He recently added a wire mesh from a garden centre to act as a support for the keys.

Clusters of keys around the bulb

The keys have been collected over a number of years and include a set of front door keys from Shore Cottage when John and Sue first bought it. There are keys of all shapes and sizes, from doors, wardrobes, suitcases and even a sneaky corned beef tin key, hidden amongst the others.

Key chandelier viewed from below

This is the light as viewed from below, the keys are hung using 4″ hooks made from wire that Kris devised himself after a few false starts with twizzled tangled fishing wire and various threads. The ceilings are low in the cottage so a greater drop would mean bumped heads.

We love innovative lighting solutions here at Shore Cottage Studio, you can also see our lounge light made from a galvanised milk crate and our laser cut bird light shade in the studio which you can buy from our shop.