Three Things; Works in Progress – Kintsugi inspired fused glass

Repaired fused glass by Laura Heath

The works in progress this week come from Laura and are experimental fused glass pieces. Last week Kris told Laura all about Kintsugi, the art of repairing ceramics with gold. She was reminded of this when she was making some fused glass pieces this week and three successive glass tops cracked early in the fusing process in exactly the same place. Laura was initially frustrated that her original piece had not worked out as she had hoped but then saw the potential for another outcome.

Cracked glass before repair with fused glass

Here is the cracked round piece of glass, cracked into three pieces. Laura combined the concept of Kintsugi with the idea of suturing a wound. She used glass ‘stringers’, 1mm diameter coloured glass rods, as sutures. She hoped the stringers would hold the glass together and she was pleased with the results.

Fused glass repair inspired by Kintsugi

This piece had the worst fractured edges and so when it fused gaps were left. Laura was particularly pleased with this piece because it was not the best repair.

Laura Heath fused glass triptych

The three pieces have been repaired, hopefully making them more beautiful than the original glass. Here they are displayed on a piece of rusty driftwood which sets off the colours well.

Laura runs a two day workshop in miniature fused glass seascapes here at Shore Cottage Studio. You can find out more about it and check availability here.