Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Course

Laser Cutting at Shore Cottage Studio

Today’s post is a ‘Course Spotlight’ and ‘Works in Progress’ in one. Kris ran a one day Creative Laser Cutting course for a lovely family on Fathers’ Day. Beatriz , Andy and their five year old son Ethan designed and made some beautiful things – some more complex than others! Andy and Kris came up with a very ambitious laser cut portrait of Ethan looking cool in his shades and hat, they both finalised the design but in the end they simply ran out of time to complete it. So Kris was commissioned to cut and assemble the portrait, which we are so happy to unveil today. It is made up of seven separate colours of acrylic, laser plywood, and black card all in multiple layers to give a 3D final piece that is mounted and framed but without glass to spoil the effect. We have taken this six second video clip (you can see other videos from us and follow us on Vine) to show off the mirrored acrylic in the shades to the full effect. Please note the skill involved in not showing Laura’s phone doing the recording in the reflection, it took a few takes!

So what else did the team do on the day? Well Beatriz made a series of pieces based on little used Spanish words her family used whilst she was growing up but now may be disappearing. The laser cut feather will probably not need translating euforia = euphoria, easy. But, forgive me if I don’t get these quite right Beatriz, the other phrases I will do my best to remember the translations.

Zarriáda – something silly or inconsequential that you love anyway.
Follet Rondaire – a woodland free spirit, similar to a free roaming elf?

Ethan did some great drawings for us on paper which Kris then digitally traced and laser etched onto wood, his Motorbike Booster is brilliant! After all that hard work designing and creating Ethan spent some time playing with our train set whilst the grown ups carried on. As you can see in the gallery below Kris and Andy did have a little play too, it was Fathers’ Day after all.

You can see some more pics from the day in the gallery below. Click on a thumbnail to launch a slideshow with captions.

So what did they think of their day?

“Thank you for letting us play with your toys, Ethan and Daddy” (Andy, West Kirby)

“You have a lovely space and a wonderful character to engage people. No wonder we all felt so elated by the end of the day. The cottage is ideal to bring out the best in people” (Beatriz, West Kirby)

We can’t wait for the family to pick up their final piece , it really does look great close to.


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