Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Acrylic Bird Cameos

Laser cut acrylic bird cameo brooches

This week’s Work in Progress is a new set of badges made by Kris from laser cut acrylic. Working from a set of old sketches scanned into the computer, the outlines are isolated and converted for cutting.

Laser cut acrylic badges - greenfinch, waxwing, lapwing, oyster catcher and robin

Kris then made an oval mask and copied this to get the same curve on all of the birds’ necks. Then by copying the entire shape and expanding it, he was able to make a matching outline for the base. To keep things striking and simple, he used 3mm white acrylic for the silhouette and 3mm black acrylic for the base.

Original sketches for the bird silhouettes

The finished result is a crisp, modern cameo brooch. What would you make? Why not come along to a Creative Laser Cutting course and turn your sketches into something?

Laser cut acrylic badges of various birds

Watch out for these brooches appearing in our shop.