Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Acrylic Fox Commission

Fox Commission

This weeks’ Work In Progress is a laser cut commission by Kris which he’s been working on for a little while. The client wanted a fox display stand with plenty of space to write on, so after settling on a large body design with separate head, Kris added black accents to hide the glue keeping the transparent layer in place. The ‘kickstand’ at the back is made from 5mm thick acrylic and has a sturdy brass hinge, and small rubber feet keep everything firmly in place.

The fox features multiple layers and 3 colours of acrylic – the orange is a translucent orange and “collects” the light – the edges actually glow which makes for a striking effect. You can see our post from the Shore Cottage Studio Vine below to get a better idea of the effect.



You can see some more pictures of the fox in and around our studio in the gallery below. Click on a thumbnail to launch a slideshow with captions.



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