Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Lace Collar

Laser Cut Lace Collar

Kris has been rifling through Sue’s vintage textile hoard and has found a two piece lace collar that have him an idea.

Vintage lace collar

Here is the original collar, Kris began by scanning it in to the computer and tracing the image.

Laser cutting lace into paper

He makes all of his final pieces up in heavy paper or card to begin with as it is quick and not too wasteful as we usually use old cereal boxes and then pop them in the recycling bin afterwards. Here he is using a nice piece of black card as this will make quite an aesthetically pleasing object in itself.

Laser cut collar in paper - prototype

The finished paper prototype held up to the light – wonderful. The next step is to consider possible materials for the final design; fine grained wood, Perspex, leather, felt… So many possibilities.

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