Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Print Blocks

Works in Progress Laser Cut  Print Blocks

The Works in Progress today come from Kris who has been experimenting combining two of his favourite things, laser cutting and print.

Close up of printing block

Kris took a photograph of Laura’s eye and rendered it digitally using circular lands and grooves to produce an interesting almost newsprint-like final outcome. Laser cutting is usually used to create pin sharp extra fine detail so Kris thought it would be interesting to create a totally different effect with these circular ‘pixels’. This is a close up of the surface of the block which is almost A4 sized.

Ready for inking - laser cut print block

The whole block is shown here, Kris has added a laser cut line to help with positioning the paper when printing.

Print made from laser cut print block

The first print hot off the press. It has a bit of an eerie quality don’t you think?

Kris runs our laser cutting workshops here at Shore Cottage Studio, if you can photograph or draw it Kris can help you to cut, etch or engrave it into a variety of materials. Print block manufacture is just one outcome, check out laser cut wooden lace and initial necklaces for more!