Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Prints

Laser Cut Prints

Works in Progress today are from Kris Heath. Here we have a new nautical themed set of laser cut print blocks from a new range of prints he is working on.

Laser cut pirate print blocks

These individual letters are laser cut and then glued to a print block before inking and pressing.

Pirate typography print by Kris Heath

Here is the finished print. Piratical!

Loose lips sink ships print block by Kris Heath

This block has a anchor motif as well as the typography.

Print by Kris Heath Loose lips sink ships

Here is the loose lips sink ships print.

Moby Dick quote print by Kris Heath

This block has a quote from the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick and a whale drawn by Kris.

To the last I grapple with thee Moby Dick Quote print

The final print , dark, brooding and vengeful or dedicated and romantic. You decide.

If you like the look of these prints why not ask Kris for a commission (email or come and create your own on one of our creative laser cutting workshop courses