Three Things; Works in Progress – laser cut wooden filled rings

Laser cut wooden rings

Kris and Laura have been experimenting with cast resin for a new jewellery range. Kris has laser cut wooden rings which act as deep frames for tiny objects.

Wooden resin filled rings

Laura decided her own fingers were not quite photogenic enough to do the rings justice so she photographed them with a pair of Sue’s glove stretchers. The texture of the wooden rings, hands and spoons contrasting with the shiny resin.

Inlaid mallard feather ring

This ring is by Kris Heath and includes an inlaid laser cut mallard feather which is half grey and half petrol blue/green from different angles. The spine of the feather bisects the circle on an angle adding interest.

Wooden ring with glass fragment inlay

Laura has used some fine glass frit in the background of this ring with chunky bluebell coloured glass frit in the foreground. This ring can be made in many different colour combinations and the chunky frit can either be totally enclosed in the resin for a smooth finish or can protrude from the surface for a craggy look.

Kris and Laura will be expanding the range and undertaking commissions as each wooden ring is laser cut to order in a specific ring size. What do you think of these first attempts?