Three Things; Works in Progress – Laura Heath Tidemark

Laura Heath Tidemark Triptych

Today we have work in progress from Laura and her her Tidemark triptych. This work builds on her earlier Memento Mori Triptych but introduces a coastal theme.

Laura Heath Tidemark triptych 1

The background images were taken of an old boat on Heswall shore. The wood was rotten and the metal fixings rusted but some scraps of paint remain – beautiful.

Laura Heath Tidemark triptych 2

Laura added fused glass feathers to the scenes reminiscent of those found on the tideline. The colours were chosen to pick out accents of the image.

Laura Heath Tidemark triptych 3

The printed images are mounted on foam board and the fused glass elements affixed with jewellery findings twisted into shape with pliers.

Laura Heath Tidemark Triptych

Here are the finished pieces on display together.

Detail of fused glass feathers on Tidemark  triptych

Here are some of the feathers in more detail. They are made from glass frit, a ground glass dust, that is then heat fused.

Laura runs ‘Photographing Natural Texture and Detail‘ and ‘Miniature Fused Glass Seascapes‘ courses from Shore Cottage Studio.