Three Things; Works in Progress – Man Ray Recce Shots

Man Ray inspired Recce Sots

The Works in Progress today are by Laura and of Laura. She is in the planning stage of a series of photographs illustrating photography and lighting techniques from the 1800s to the present day. Laura has enlisted the help for this project of a wonderful model whose time is precious, so Laura is setting up the recce shots as self portraits. This means that once Laura’s model is in the studio Laura will have the camera angles and lighting ready so as to devote the time to getting the most beautiful images. The shots Laura has been recreating today are all by Man Ray and taken in the late 1920s and early 1930s

After Man Ray's girl with long hair

This is Laura’s version of Man Ray’s woman with long hair. Laura plaited her hair whilst it was damp to get the waves and found an old cardigan with ruffle sleeves to wear. Sue helped out with framing the shot whilst Laura laid on a desk in the studio.

Laura Heath self portrait after Man Ray's glass tears

This is Laura’s recce version of Man Ray’s glass tears. In the Man Ray original, glass spheres were used to represent deliberately fake tears. Laura used a glue gun to make small glue beads on a piece of plastic which were then peeled off once they were cool. The camera was set up on a tripod and Laura used the timer function to set the shutter and then quickly lie down, arrange and balance the tears and finally attempt to pose. The pose isn’t quite right for the original but Laura will be able to correct the pose when the model is in place and Laura can look down the viewfinder!

Laura Heath self portrait after Man Ray's solarised profile portrait

This is Laura’s attempt at a solarised profile portrait by Man Ray. Our projector screen was used as a photographic backdrop and Laura used the timer to set the shutter and then run into shot and pose, then back to the camera to view and adjust and repeat until the angle was right. Then over to the computer to digitally alter the image – not how Man Ray would have done it but not too bad an attempt.