Three Things; Works in Progress – Pinhole Messing

Laura Heath Pinhole Messing

Laura has been working on some long exposure shots images captured with her Noon medium format pinhole camera. Developed in the darkroom these are a bit of an experiment!

Pinhole photograph of canteen

Laura Heath pinhole camera 15 minute exposure in canteen

This image was captured in a busy canteen with only a few of those standing in the queue and the cashier appearing as part of the scene as a misty blur.

Pinhole camera image double exposure

Laura Heath Pinhole Camera double exposure of canteen and dining kitchen total exposure of 35 minutes

This is a double exposure of the canteen and the kitchen and dining room at Shore Cottage with the kitchen table set for tea.

Pinhole image of family eating

Laura Heath Pinhole Photography ‘dinner time’ exposure time 20 minutes

This final image is of the Shore Cottage tea table during an evening meal. Laura herself is the only one who has sat still enough to be recognisable but there are actually six people in shot!

Laura has decided to call these ‘Pinhole Messing’ as a riff on the experimental nature of the shots and the concept of communal dining.