Three Things; Works in Progress – Ships in Bottles

Kris Heath's laser cut ships in bottles necklaces

Works in Progress Wednesday today and a set of Nautical Necklaces from Kris Heath. Kris has designed these beautiful ship in bottle necklaces and is trying out different materials prior to listing them on our Etsy shop. We’d love your feedback as to which style you prefer.

Wooden lasercut ship in bottle necklace

This all wood version is made of laser-ply which doesn’t blacken at the edges as much when cut with the laser. The two tone effect comes from using opposite surfaces of the ply.

Kris Heath wood and Perspex ship in bottle necklace

This version is made from Perspex and wood combined, the colourless Perspex forming the glass of the bottle to give a reflective look.

Kris Heath Perspex ship in bottle necklace

This all Perspex version could be made with the boat in any colour.

Kris has made the necklaces 6cm wide but could easily make them smaller or larger. What do you think?

If you want to try your hand at making some laser cut jewellery then you can book on our Creative Laser Cutting course. Spend two days in our beautiful beach front studio with Kris’ expertise and lovely cakes.