Three Things; Works in Progress – Stag Jewellery Kris Heath

Stag Jewellery by Kris Heath

Works in progress today showcases some of Kris Heath’s new stag jewellery designs. He is experimenting with multiple materials for these new designs.

Wooden stag with red Perspex eyes and nose

This is a huge statement piece a trophy stag necklace that is laser cut from wood with red Perspex eyes and nose. Here Laura holds it up to the light so you can see those glowing beauties.

Laser cut wooden stag trophy necklace with red Perspex eyes and nose

Here is the same stag on a plain white background so you can see the wood grain. The Perspex pieces are cut using the laser so that they fit exactly.

Laser cut stag trophy jewellery two tone wood

Kris has also been looking at different woods for a two tone smaller trophy head effect.

Kris runs our laser cutting and laser etching workshops at Shore Cottage Studios as well as producing pieces for commissions.

Do you like the new designs? Would you wear them as everyday pieces or save them for a special occasion?