Three Things; Works in Progress – Sue Barnes’ Rabbits

Sue Barnes' Rabbits

Today’s work in progress is from Sue who has been looking forward to spring and making some textile rabbits.

Knitted rabbit by Sue Barnes

This long legged rabbit is hand knitted and the perfect size to be held around its middle by a chubby preschool hand. Sue has made these for all of her grandchildren and now you can own one too. Why not commission Sue to make you a boy or girl in clothing colours of your choice?

Sue Barnes running rabbit toy

This soft rabbit has been hand dyed by Sue with rust and tea. it is entirely hand sewn and its piled fabric is so softly stuffed it is a delight to squeeze. Sue has made several of these rabbits in various poses and they will appear in our shop over the coming week. This is Laura’s favourite with its active leaping pose, an adventurous companion to be sure.

Sue Barnes rabbit brooch

Sue has also made a series of rabbit brooches. These textile badges are hand dyed with hand stitched faces and appear on either dark felt or tweed backings. Great to soften a smart blazer or to add interest and personality to a plain handbag.

All these items and more will be available in our shop over the next week so keep an eye out for them.