Three Things; Works in Progress- Sue’s Rust Dyed Coat

Sue's Rust Dyed Coat

Today’s work in progress is Sue’s rust dyed coat inspired by designs on a Fisherman’s gansey. A gansey is a traditional fisherman’s jumper, each fishing village had specific patterns on their ganseys which meant that any fisherman washed overboard could be linked to their home by their clothing.

Sue Barnes' rust dyed coat

Ganseys are traditionally knitted but Sue decided to do her own interpretation of the pattern in the form of a long overcoat. She began by cutting the pattern pieces and then rust dyeing the calico fabric.

Collar of Sue's rust dyed coat

The collar has been dyed using rusty nails.

Stitching on Sue Barnes' rust dyed coat

These patterns on the bodice have been made with the grill of a disposable barbecue and continued with hand stitching. Sue wanted the finished garment to appear sea-worn as if the patten was fading and being washed out.

Sue has added sleeves and is working on fastenings for the coat, watch this space.