Three Things; Works in Progress – Sue’s Stitched Journeys

Works in progress Sue's stitched journeys

The Work in Progress this week is ‘Stitched Journeys’ by Sue. Sue has built upon her previous map based couture and vessels inspired by the tidal surge to come up with a new avenue to explore. Sue has been inspired by her finds on the Thurstaston tideline and has been wondering where the pieces of tattered plastic she used in her vessels has come from. She surmises that they must have spent some time at sea to sustain the damage they have and to collect the algae on their surfaces.

Section of stitched journeys by Sue Barnes

This photograph shows about half of the piece which is over a metre and a half square. Sue has rusted segments and embellished with stitching to map the contours of the sea and land and the paths of the flotsam.

Seed stitching on Stitched Journeys

Here Sue has used a cluster of stitches worked in random directions.

Rusted detail of Stitched Journeys

Here is a rusted detail of the work. Sue will continue to work this piece over the coming weeks, perhaps adding more cartographic details and marks.

Sue runs the Explore, Design, Stitch workshops here at Shore Cottage Studio click here to find out more, check availability and book online.