Three Things; Works In Progress – Sue’s Vintage Dresses


This week we’re looking at these amazing girls’ dresses by Sue Barnes, mined from her hoard of beautiful vintage fabrics. Sue cuts the pieces out from an original vintage dress making pattern before sewing them together with her hand cranked Singer machine and finishing by hand.

Recycled fabrics with history and love in their very warp and weft, crafted into unique garments with personality that you won’t find anywhere else.

A work in progress shot of the pieces that make up the dress


Sue's vintage sewing machine

Sue’s original Singer sewing machine was an Ebay find, a beautiful machine complete with wooden dust cover and intricate decals, it was made in Scotland in 1916.

Sue's vintage dress displayed on the retro hanger


Vintage dress by Sue Barnes displayed in the Shore Cottage Studio garden

With long ties at the sides and a cute and useful pocket motif, these dresses are ideal for young children to wear at special occasions such as weddings and parties, and will form part of a new group of products from Shore Cottage Studio, a diffusion range including personalised wooden bracelets and custom made glass necklaces.