Three Things: Works in Progress – Tenkuu

Kris Heath's Tenkuu

Kris Heath’s Tenkuu is today’s Work in Progress. Tenkuu is a Japanese word which means air or sky but can also mean firmament or ether.

Kris Heath's Tenkuu

Kris has developed a method to stabilise feathers whilst laser cutting them. He had previously been able to create works from feathers that had cut outs but the pieces that were cut out themselves were reduced to fragments. The new method allows the tiny delicate cut outs to be displayed.

Detail of Kris Heath's Tenkuu lasercut birds

Here are minuscule laser cut oystercatchers mounted onto pin heads. The pins are then mounted onto driftwood from Thurstaston beach which measures 14x14cm at its widest points. The driftwood has peeling paint layers which are reminiscent of sea and sky.

Kris Heath Tenkuu Feather

Here is the feather used to cut the birds which is displayed as a companion piece to the mounted birds.

Kris loves to produce commission pieces so do get in touch if you would like something similar.

He also runs our Creative Laser Cutting two day course here at Shore Cottage Studio if you fancy having a go yourself.