Three Things; Works in Progress – Unwrapping Dye Bundles

Unwrapped dye bundles - Rust

Works in progress today and we are unwrapping Sue’s collecting bag challenge dye bundles.

Sue Barnes' natural dyed rust fabric displayed on Kris Heath's laser cut floor

These bundles are rusty nails rolled and wrapped in cotton, misted with water and then soaked in tea as a mordant. The tannin in the tea seems to give a wonderful duck egg blue tint to the dye bundles as well as speeding up the whole process. Look at the wonderful patterns Sue has produced.

Close up of fabric dyed with rusty nails and tea

Here is a close up of one of the dye bundles, it looks like a cross between watercolour and digital art – striking.

Wonderful rust and duck egg blue dye pattern made using rusty nails and tea

A final view of another section. Sue created these results from start to finish in less than two days. Sue runs the Explore, Design, Stitch workshops here at Shore Cottage where you can try your hand at dyeing with rust too.