Three Things; Works in Progress, Watercolour Seed Heads, Etched Scratch Plate and Reconstructing Sea Worn Finds.

Works in Progress; watercolour seed pods, etched scratch plate and

Here are some details of bigger pieces of work currently in progress at Shore Cottage Studio.

Nautical Scratch Plate laser etched

Kris has been working on a custom scratch plate as a commission piece for a bass guitar. This image shows the laser etching in progress shot through the safety glass of the laser instrument. You can see the laser beam’s guide light racing towards the bottom right hand corner of the image. The image appears blurred due to the chamber being filled with the smoke from the vaporisation of the wood and glue form the plywood used.

Detail of watercolour seed head

Laura has been working on some watercolours of the seed heads and pods that are beginning to appear in the garden. Kris photographed Laura (and her tea and biscuit) working on these pieces and the shots came out so nicely that we have chosen one to be a banner on our home page.

Full piece; Reconstructed sea worn find

Sue has been working on a new collection of pieces entitled ‘Reconstructing Sea Worn Finds’ this image shows one of the full pieces which in this case is a piece of plastic bag that Sue has been reconstructing with stitches of rust stained string.