Three Things; Zingy Summer Soup

Zingy Summer Soup

Monday lunch recipe today is Zingy Summer Soup. This vitamin packed soup tastes fresh and is quick and easy to make. (We thought we could do with a healthy recipe on the blog after all the sweet treats and comfort food of the last few weeks!) Don’t be scared about the orange it really ads a zing and a little sweetness to the tomato, go on try it.

Ingredients for zingy summer soup

You will need;

A glug of olive oil, 1tsp oregano, 1tsp basil, big pinch of black pepper, one onion, tin of tomatoes, couple of sticks of celery, a large orange, about 1tbsp tomato purée.

If you have fresh herbs all the better but dried will do fine. Vary the size of the veg chunks to your own personal taste, you could even blend the end result for a smooth soup.

Squeezing the orange into the soup

* Heat the olive oil in a saucepan on a low heat and add the oregano, basil and pepper.
* Chop and add the onion and fry slowly on a low heat until nicely browned. (I used a red onion but a white one is fine too)
* Chop and add the celery (don’t over fry as you want it to still be crunchy in the soup)
* Tip in the tin of tomatoes.
* fill the tin with water and add that to the soup.
* Squeeze in the juice of one large orange. (through a strainer so you don’t get pips in) If you don’t have an orange to hand you could add half a glass of fresh orange juice or even apple juice.
* Stir in 1tbsp of tomato purée, if you like it thicker you can add more purée.
* Simmer on a low heat for a little while.
* Taste the soup and add salt if desired.

Zingy summer soup

Serve piping hot with crusty bread and melted butter.