ThreeThings; Collecting Bag Challenge – Fragility

Collecting Bag Challenge - Fragility

This week’s Collecting Bag Challenge was on the theme of Fragility, we did our collecting on Thurstaston beach this week.

Dandelion seeds caught on a teasel

Laura photographed these teasel heads which have dandelion seeds fleetingly caught on their spikes. A suitably autumnal flavour for today’s weather.

A spider's web that has seen better days

Kris spotted this spider’s web strung between the fence and lavender growing in the Shore Cottage garden. He like it as it had clearly seen better days.

Gull's Egg Fragments

Lucky Sue spotted these fragments of a gull’s egg that may have made a tasty lunch for a fox? Just look at the colours on that beauty.

You can post your ‘Fragility’ pictures on our Facebook wall any time this week and we will append them here for all to share. You can also send us a twitpic or email us an attachment to

Here is a photograph of a Glasswing butterfly taken by our new friend Gill Alleyene on a day trip to the zoo. I bet it was warmer in the tropical butterfly house than it was on the beach Gill! Beautiful shot…

Gill Alleyne's Glasswing butterfly