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Arm Knitting

Back in 2015 we made a series of looping 30 second videos to support our arm knitting course. We don't offer arm knitting in the studio anymore but we thought that you may still want to learn , so for the autumn of 2018 we're releasing the videos for you for free!

We used a platform called Vine to make the videos as you click once to play and then they keep on looping until you click them again to stop. They also have a nice big mute button on them (Laura's cheery voice will begin to grate even the most placid crafter after the third or so loop). We like this looping style of video as we found that if we ever watch a how-to video on YouTube we were constantly pausing and rewinding as the crafters always go so fast, they'd moved on whilst we were still attempting the first step. Vine doesn't exist anymore as a platform but they have archived our videos for us to share.

So here are the videos, two sets, the first set is how to arm knit and the second is how to finger knit. You can arm knit with any huge yarn or wool roving, but what if you don't have any? That's where our 'Mega Rope Yarn' tutorial comes in. You can make 'Mega Rope Yarn' from multiple stands of any ply of yarn and it is a great way to use up half balls or odd colours and different textures to stunning effect.

Do give it a go and let us know over on social media how you've got on. If you are interested in textile (or other) courses that we are currently running at the studio then check out our upcoming dates on our home page

On Mobile Or Tablets The Videos Will Play When Clicked. On Desktop These Are Links To The Videos - To Get Each One To Play Please Click On The Image of The Studio In The Top Left Of Each Thumbnail

Arm Knitting

Step By Step Looping Videos

Mega Rope Yarn

Finger Knitting Tutorials