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Rules & Prizes...


Upload your pics based on the theme of the month - all images will be reviewed by Laura before they are published on the site to screen for any nasties, you'll receive an email notification when your image has been approved and is eligible to be voted upon.

  • You can add your photos to any of the competitions that are currently active but voting only begins in the month itself.
  • Voting ends at the end of the month.
  • The winner is the image with the most votes.
  • Anyone can vote for as many images as they like but you can only vote for each photo once.
  • You can even vote for your own pics!
  • We will post out the winners lapel badge second class post (we'll contact the winner for their address) or the winner can choose to collect their prize from the studio.
  • Any photo that meets the month's brief and doesn't contain anything that would cause offence may be submitted it could be
    • Colour, black and white, or anything in between, sepia, pop of colour...
    • Unedited or edited - heavily or lightly
    • Taken on a digital camera, a mobile phone, or even a film camera and scanned in.
  • You must have taken the photograph yourself but we don't mind when or where you've taken it as long as it fits the brief.
  • You must be ok with us sharing your image on social media (with a credit to you) and potentially using it as a banner image on our website if you win.

Don't forget to share on social media and ask your pals to vote for your pics


The winning entry each month will have their image featured as a banner on the competition page for the following month with full credit

The winner will receive a custom made lapel badge made by Kris and posted out or collected from the studio - winners will have to let us have an address for this obvs. The exclusivity and desirability of the badge can not be overstated at this point - you've heard of the blankety blank cheque book and pen, the bully mug and darts, or the countdown teapot well get ready for the best photo comp badge!



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