A 3 x 3 photo grid with waves and rock-pools, and rusty objects
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Advanced Photo Challenge – Sunday 22 December

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If you would like to build on your photographic skills and have already completed our 'Take Interesting Photos' course, then this is the course for you. An ideal top-up follow-on course to get you back into the swing of things before a big holiday or to get you re-energised with your photography.

This course is only available to those of you who have already completed our 'Take Interesting Photos' day and are happy using their cameras. There will be no camera-based button pressing tuition on the day, and we will assume basic composition skills are already in place. If you'd like to learn how to use your camera then please have a look at either our 'Fast Pace Get off Auto Mode' or 'Relaxed Pace Get Off Auto Mode' Courses.

Laura will greet you with tea/coffee and biscuits and will set the challenge for the day ahead: to produce nine photographs that work together to create a single montage image in a square format. Laura will give examples and talk through the images noting composition, placement, line, form, colour palette and other tips for the task.

You will then be released to head out on a self-directed photo walk, whatever the weather so make sure you dress sensibly. You will be free to explore the studio, gardens, beach, coastline, and country park in pursuit of your nine images. You will then return to the studio to enjoy a home made lunch of fresh soup and warm bread.

After lunch, time will be spent editing, cropping, and assembling your images into the final montage before printing and framing your finished piece to take home.

If you are unsure as to if your background knowledge is suitable for this advanced course, or if you have have any other questions please do email Laura, the course tutor and she can advise. 

This course can be taken multiple times as a challenge whenever you feel you need a creative stretch, if you first came to visit in the summer and fancy a winter shoot, or you are just missing the studio and the biscuits. Escape for the day and see how different the same walk can be depending on the weather, the light, even your mood.

As the course includes nurturing small-group tuition and a nutritious lunch, all you need to bring on the day is your camera.

If your preferred dates are not available and you can round up two friends please send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate you on a bespoke course. To buy a gift voucher for a photography course click here.



The Early Bird catches the worm, and if you arrive before the course starts at 10am you are welcome to join us for tea / coffee and home made biscuits, still warm from the oven. There is no additional charge for our ticket holders.

Small group teaching in Photography course on Merseyside

Morning Talk

Laura will set the task and show examples of what makes a successful image montage. Consideration of colour palette, shape, line, subject, and placement within the grid will be explained in Laura's jargon free style.

A course participant photographing seed heads on the beach wirral, near liverpool

Photography Walk

You will then be let loose on the local coastline and country park as well as the studio and garden environs. Free to capture whatever takes your fancy to have a portfolio of images to select your final nine from.

Mellow autumn soup recipe


Lunch is homemade soup and home made bread. Delicious and Nutritious!

Framed photo challenge to take home

Review Time

Review and edit your images into the square 3x3 grid format with help from Laura. Print and frame your final montage to take home.

Images From The Course

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Hi, I'm Laura and I run the Photography Courses Here at Shore Cottage Studio.

I love to experiment with my own photography and am equally happy using a digital camera or lurking in the darkroom developing negatives and prints. One of the best things that I like about photography is the ability to show people something they can't see for themselves - you may have walked this route many times, but have you ever noticed this?

I love working from Shore Cottage Studio as the landscape and weather are always changing - the light can be totally different from one moment to the next and as a photographer that makes it interesting. (It is also the reason why all my photography courses begin in the studio where we have much more controllable light and objects to photograph) I have walked a similar photo walk route on my photography courses over the years and I can hand on heart say that no person has ever taken a shot the same as another, and that's the best bit - everyone has their own eyes and ideas.

I am a former forensic scientist and university lecturer and I love to teach. Starting Shore Cottage Studio has allowed me to get those wonderful teaching 'penny-drop' moments with people who want to learn, and are having a great time doing it, knowing there are no grades or exams to worry about.

I sometimes think that photographers talk a different language, full of jargon and numbers, and I work hard to explain concepts in a practical and easy to digest way and spend plenty of time going over key concepts to ensure no one is left behind and floundering. I work with a maximum of six course participants at a time so I can ensure everyone gets the attention they need. Having said that, I will work with a larger group if you all know each other well and don't mind a bit of chatter amongst yourselves whilst I get round the group.

If you are looking for easy to understand teaching and fast improvement in the pictures you take, with no camera snobbery and plenty of tea breaks, then this is the place to be!



"Laura demonstrates great skill in delivering the material in a way that makes it easy to understand and uses various techniques to help things stick in your mind."



"Laura’s teaching style made everything so simple to understand."



"Laura, you have skilfully demystified the digital camera and have shown me how to make the most of the scary buttons and dials that I never really touched."



"Laura was fantastic, always checking we were OK and happy and really went at fantastic pace."



"The tuition from Laura was excellent - always sensitive to our personal needs and helping us to go beyond our comfort zone."




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If you are using a gift voucher to pay either in full or in part, just add your code(s) to the Coupon Code section of your basket, then click the Proceed to Checkout button.

At the Checkout page, after adding your details, you can choose to pay either the full amount or a non-refundable deposit (20% of your basket total). If you choose this option, you will receive a reminder email for the remaining amount about a week before your course date. If you wish to pay the remainder before the reminder email reaches you, please contact us at studio@ShoreCottageStudio.com and we will send you a payment link.


One Day Advanced Photo Challenge 22 December 2019
One Day Advanced Photo Challenge 22 December 2019


  • Who Is This Course For?
  • I have already completed your 'Take Interesting Photos' day and am happy with basic composition concepts
  • I'd like to come back to the studio to push my photography a little bit further and try something new.
  • I know how to use my camera, I don't need you to show me what buttons to press.
  • I want a relaxed setting and friendly teaching.
  • Who Is This Course Not For?
  • I haven't completed 'Take Interesting Photos' and I don't know about the rule of thirds, leading lines etc.
  • I already have my own clear photographic style and I am not interested in learning new concepts.
  • I'm not sure how to use my camera effectively I can't make the background soft and blurry with the subject standing out, or I don't know how to freeze frame or blur the motion of a shot.
  • I would prefer a formal classroom style with exams and to work toward a certificate or qualification.


"No better place to unwind and unlock the potential of your creativity through the lens of your camera. Laura's great wealth of experience and talent come through in her style of teaching, just by looking slightly differently at the world around you can help you create outstanding pictures. Along with homemade food and good company Shore Cottage Studio was a perfect experience."


"Having already done a Stitched Seascape' course there, I spent Friday in the company of Laura, Patrick and my neglected camera - couldn't have used my time better! Laura's knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement made the day for me. The little touches such as coffee, home-made biscuits, soup and bread, as well as the general welcome from everyone at Shore Cottage, are what set this place apart from anywhere else I can think of. I would 100% recommend a course there to anyone who wants to take time out to relax, learn and enjoy. Thank you!"


"What an incredible place! The setting couldn't of been more perfect. Right on the beach with beautiful surroundings. In the morning, we learnt the theory of everything and got our heads around composition, then went out and practiced. Laura was fantastic, always checking we were OK and happy and really went at fantastic pace. Food was incredible with morning cookies, amazing sat down lunch and afternoon tea and biscuits. The course was like a home from home rather than a classroom. Perfect studio to let the creativity flow and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you so much! 100% recommend."


One Day Advanced Photo Challenge 22 December 2019
One Day Advanced Photo Challenge 22 December 2019


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6 Seats

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