Laser Cut Jewellery – 17 October

A great introduction to laser cut courses - design and make a bespoke laser cut statement necklace, choosing all the elements and assembling yourself.

Our 1 day laser cutting courses are a perfect introduction to laser cutting, and with computer-aided design kept to a minimum, you will make something personal and unique, quickly and easily. You will begin by choosing some pieces from our wide selection of laser cut ‘blanks’. Using these to plan your design, you will lay out your chosen length of chain and begin to build your statement necklace, experimenting with shape combinations and spacing.

Once your design is complete, you will then select your acrylic colours and we will begin to cut the pieces you need on the laser cutter. Full guidance is given throughout, and all the necessary tools are provided.

Once all your pieces are ready, you will spend the afternoon assembling your necklace, attaching the necessary rings and clasps before boxing it up and taking your creation home.



The Early Bird catches the worm, and if you arrive before the course starts at 10am you are welcome to join us for tea / coffee and home made biscuits, still warm from the oven. There is no additional charge for our ticket holders.

Choosing shapes and materials

Working with pre-cut shapes, we will lay out the design of your necklace and consider materials and colour combinations

Begin cutting

At this stage we can prototype to check sizes before moving on to cutting - some go for a large statement necklace, others choose a smaller, more subtle design.

Mellow autumn soup recipe


Lunch is homemade soup and home made bread. Delicious and Nutritious!

using the laser cutter at shore cottage studio Wirral Cheshire

Using the laser cutter

With all parts cut we now glue and assemble your piece - with sterling silver necklace chain and rings, use jewellery pliers to make your perfect piece


Assemble your piece, wrap up in a jewellery box - or wear it home!

You can choose to pay in full by card, bank transfer, or post us a cheque. You can even choose pay on the day of your course just click which method you'd prefer from the options at the checkout on the next screen. There is also the option to pay in full or in part by gift voucher, just add your code(s) to the voucher section at the checkout.

  • Who Is This Course For?
  • I really want to try laser cutting, and I think a 1 day course would be best for me
  • I would like a simple project to work towards
  • I would like to make 1 finished piece of jewellery rather than try out lots of different things
  • I'm not too good with computers, so I think working with basic shapes would be more suitable for me
  • I would like to keep computer design to a minimum and instead focus on making a beautiful necklace
  • Who Is This Course Not For?
  • I want to spend more than 1 day learning all about the laser cutter, materials, suppliers, different settings and different effects
  • I want to experiment with lots of ideas and lots of different materials
  • I want to learn all about the laser cutter and how the machine is setup
  • I don't wear any jewellery, especially not necklaces


"Massive thanks to Kris for helping me make a beautiful laser cut necklace - I’m obsessed with it! I had such a great time making it and can’t wait to come back and make something else soon"


"I would totally recommend the course to anyone wanting to create beautiful projects using a range of materials in an amazing setting with fabulous creative people."


"I am really amazed and pleased with my necklace. Kris was incredible during the process. I do feel that you let it be my design whilst guiding me through the technical process."

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