Laser Cut Map – 3 Sept

A great introduction to laser cut courses - design and make a bespoke wooden map in a frame, choosing all the elements and assembling yourself.

Our 1 day laser cutting courses make a great introduction to laser cutting, offering the perfect setting to make something personal and unique, quickly and easily.

On our laser cut map course, you will begin by choosing a location from an online map – somewhere special to you, perhaps a meeting place, a favourite holiday destination or your childhood home – then trace around all the separate elements using the computer. Simply outline the path of the roads, mark out the buildings and then combine these in different ways to make your custom map.

Choose from a selection of woods, including birch, oak and walnut, to show roads, surrounding areas and buildings. You can inset the buildings into the landscape, perhaps have some stand proud of their surroundings, or lightly etch them into the background. Cut a prominent feature from mirrored acrylic, combine veneers and experiment with different colours, creating matching and contrasting features – it’s completely up to you.

Once your design is complete we will begin to cut the pieces you need on the laser cutter. Full guidance is given throughout, and all the necessary tools are provided.

One everything is ready, spend the afternoon assembling your map and setting it into a deep box frame. Etch a dedication, grid reference or quote and attach it to the mount, the finishing touch to a truly unique piece of artwork to take home.



The Early Bird catches the worm, and if you arrive before the course starts at 10am you are welcome to join us for tea / coffee and home made biscuits, still warm from the oven. There is no additional charge for our ticket holders.

Drawing the parts of the map

Map Tracing

We choose a special place and begin tracing the roads and buildings

Choosing materials

Choose from a range of wood finishes, acrylic, paper and veneers. Experiment with colour combinations and begin cutting parts.

Mellow autumn soup recipe


Lunch is homemade soup and home made bread. Delicious and Nutritious!

using the laser cutter at shore cottage studio Wirral Cheshire

Using the laser cutter

Use the laser cutter to cut each section from different materials.

Finishing Off

Cut all your parts out on the laser and glue everything together - wrap up your finished artwork, ready to take home.

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  • Who Is This Course For?
  • I really want to try laser cutting, and I think a 1 day course would be best for me
  • I would like a simple project to work towards
  • I would like to make 1 framed artwork rather than try out lots of different things
  • I'm not too good with computers so I think tracing basic shapes like roads and buildings will be well within in my comfort zone
  • Who Is This Course Not For?
  • I want to spend more than 1 day learning all about the laser cutter, materials, suppliers, different settings and different effects
  • I want to experiment with lots of ideas and lots of different materials
  • I want to learn all about the laser cutter and how the machine is setup


"Our teachers were attentive, friendly, encouraging and supportive. Would I recommend it - absolutely."


"This is the best course I’ve personally attended - in terms of everything! Ease of booking, friendly, welcoming and inspiring surroundings, course content and delivery, delicious (and plentiful) home-made food, and of course, the location!"


"So friendly, patient and welcoming. I left with a framed laser cut picture which I love, and certainly hope to be back soon."

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