Flashback to Shore Cottage's past

Shore Cottage

Flashback to Shore Cottage's past

Today’s Flashback Friday comes courtesy of a Mr Ian McBroom who very kindly sent us the old photos of the cottage complete with outbuilding.

Photograph courtesy of Ian McBroom

Mr McBroom, who is now in his seventies used to stay every summer at the cottage when he was a boy and remembers the ‘boathouse’ seen to the right of the house in this picture. The cottage at the time was owned by Sally MacRae hence sometimes being known locally as Sally’s Cottage. In later years apparently the boathouse became quite dilapidated and the children were banned from playing in it, which only made it more appealing.

Kris and Laura recreate the shot for the flashback

Today Kris and Laura attempted to recreate the shot above, our camera man was once again their four year old daughter (she shot the previous flashback photograph too). The new Shore Cottage Studio certainly seems to echo the old boathouse. Shame the weather wasn’t kinder to help with wardrobe authenticity!

Shore cottage cafe?

Here is a postcard taken form the cliff top, a view we couldn’t replicate today due to the number of trees. You can see the out building here too and what appears to be a cafe menu or price list on the outside wall. You can make out the word ‘Teas’ if you squint. So our new creative business is not the first commercial use of Shore Cottage!

Do you have any old photographs of the cottage you wold like to share? If so please do get in touch.



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