High tide – January 2018


This week the UK has been hit with high winds from Storm Eleanor – this has coincided with high tides made much higher with the strong wind behind them.



The cordgrass growing on the beach in front of the studio forms a small dune, a natural barrier for the tides, which usually prevent the water from hitting the cottage wall. If the tide is very high, it can flow through this grass, but this is quite rare.


We often get a variety of interesting pieces of wood washed in, as well as lots of grass clumps and seeds, feathers, and even the occasional jellyfish. Today we had a cockler’s boat, broken free of its moorings, gently pushed up the beach by the sweeping waves. We love the faded colours and flaking paint, and always make sure we take some photos before the next tide comes in and takes the boat on its merry way!


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