Our Construction Pals

Our Construction Pals

Our Construction Pals

Saturday is ‘Likes’ on the Three Things blog and we have just spent the whole day in our new studio and so today we very much like our Construction Pals, without whom the studio would not be the same (or perhaps here at all)

Panoramic view of Shore Cottage Studio on Thurstaston Shore

We chose Swift Garden Rooms to build our studio out of the numerous quotes we had done as we were impressed from the outset by their ‘can do’ attitude, they called it being ‘solution focussed’ and we certainly needed that! When we first met Martin Lawson it was blowing a gale and tipping it down with rain but his enthusiasm for our project shone through. He had brought his architect Mike Jolley along, Mike was dressed smartly and wearing brogues which I’m sure must have been ruined in the wet sand, but he didn’t hold that against us and they designed us a fantastic concept building.

Martin suggested we use a planning consultant to give us the best chance of a smooth planning application process and recommended Matthew Jarman from Maydean Design. Matt did a sterling job covering every eventuality both in the application and in subsequent dealings with the council.

Martin from Swift Garden Buildings mucking in on day one of our build

On day one of our build it was all hands on deck and Martin was no exception, here he is lugging materials across the sand in the cold drizzle.

Paul and Wayne from South East Sips relaxing after a job well done.

Here are Wayne and Paul of South East SIPS who work with Swift to actually construct the Structurally Insulated Panels and assemble them on site. Our building had a roof on after two days and was complete in under 10 – amazing hard work from this pair. This photograph was taken seconds after the build was complete, don’t they look pleased!

You can see more behind the scenes photographs of the build on our Facebook page. (click the Facebook icon at the top of this page)

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