Three Things; Finds – Customised laser cut bird lampshade

Laser cut bird lampshade

Today we bring you a wonderful laser cut wooden lampshade made by Kris Heath. Kris found a large drum ceiling shade in a charity shop and thought it had potential to be remade into something more exciting.

Old lampshade and laser cut bird panels

The original shade with pleated fabric is shown here in the centre, Kris removed the fabric and used the top metal circle and bulb holder part of the fitting only. You can see the wooden panels which he will use to form the shade set out around the original shade. Kris photographed birds on the Dee Estuary, Wirral; outside the studio itself, and digitised the images. He then digitally traced around the birds’ silhouettes and laser cut them onto the wooden sections.

Wooden lampshade with laser cut birds as seen on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Once the wide sections had been laser cut Kris then cut them into narrow strips, carefully numbering each one very lightly on the back in feint pencil so he could assemble them easily later on. No two birds are alike on the whole shade, there is no repeat pattern each strip is unique. The narrow strips each then had a hole drilled and was hung on the frame using a metal fastener.

Laser cut birds and shadows on wooden lampshade

Hanging the narrow strips in this way means that they are free to move in the breeze and twist slightly. As they move the shadows they cast move gracefully too. This shot is the lampshade in situ in our new art studio with low winter sun streaming through from the picture window. The sun projects the birds from one side of the shade onto the other, it looks fantastic.

Look out for this shade on Thursday 21st November Channel 4 at 8pm, we will be featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and the lampshade will be revealed in all its glory then. We can’t wait to see how it looks on TV!

Kris runs our laser cutting workshops here at Shore Cottage Studio and also undertakes commissions if you fancy something similar for your home.

UPDATE – you can now buy your own lampshade in our shop!



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    Another fantastic creation, love the shadows, very nicely done and well made šŸ™‚ Doesn’t look too difficult to create either!

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