Three Things; Finds – Friendly Storage Solution

Yarn wrapped storage solution

Our 100th blog post today! And it is a find. A reclaimed shop fitting turned into a friendly storage solution.

Reclaimed greetings card rack

Sue found this greetings card rack being thrown out of a shop in West Kirby. Old shop fittings are magnetic to Sue and she couldn’t resist it. The plastic coating had chipped off in parts exposing some sharp edges which were rusting. Sue saw some potential and brought it back to Shore Cottage Studio.

Natural and rusted yarn

She needed to give it new life and to make it safe at the same time as making it into a friendly storage solution. She came up with the idea of using yarn, some natural and some perhaps rusted or coloured?

Yarn being wrapped around greetings card rack

Here Sue has started the mammoth task of wrapping the rack in yarn which makes it safe, useable and beautiful. We are not sure how we will use it when it is finished. Perhaps we could use it for our promotional postcards? Or to display works? Or for paper and card stocks?



  1. Louise - December 12, 2013 at 4:38 am

    Great idea! Thanks for posting, I’m going to have to give this sort of thing a go myself 🙂

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