Three Things; Finds – Methods of Display

Methods of Display for Beach Finds

Today’s finds are all objects we have repurposed as methods of display here at Shore Cottage.

Bell jar with beach glass

Sea-worn beach glass collected on Thurstaston shore looks stunning collected together and displayed in a bell jar from RE:found objects in Northumberland. We have it on a windowsill to make the most of its soft semi-opacity.

Cake stand with flotsam and jetsam

New beach finds are corralled in a three tiered cake stand by the door before making their way into whatever project they are destined for. The cake stand serves as a handsome installation in itself. Incidentally, did you know flotsam is a part of a wrecked ship or cargo and jetsam is something that has been deliberately jettisoned from a ship?

Rotating spice rack filled with beach treasures

Tiny treasures look stunning in this repurposed spice rack. The manual rotary mechanism ensures an ever changing source of fascination and inspiration. The rack itself came from a charity shop.


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  1. Gill Alleyne - August 27, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    Well you learn something new every day! I now know the difference between flotsam and jetsom 🙂

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