Flashback Friday; Reclaimed Sink Unit

Reclaimed Sink Unit

Flashback Friday; Reclaimed Sink Unit

Not so long ago for today’s Flashback Friday, just a few weeks in fact. Looking back on the construction of our bespoke sink unit for the new studio.

Design sketch of sink unit by Kris Heath

Kris designed a bespoke sink unit based on reclaimed materials we either sourced for the project or had previously sourced without a specific project in mind. This is his original design sketch.

Reclaimed lab worktop marked up for cutting

The worktop of the sink unit has been made from an old laboratory worktop. It was removed from a teaching laboratory at the University where Laura used to lecture, Kris and Laura saved it from going into a skip and on to landfill. The large slabs of wood have moved house several times in the eight or nine years since they were salvaged waiting for the right project to come along. The picture shows the wood marked up for cutting for the new sinks.

Sink unit in the studio - splash back still to do

Here is the almost finished article in place. The doors of the unit are made from doors from units from another science lab in another university, again saved from landfill by Kris. We have left the old cupboard labels in place as a reference to their former use.

The sinks themselves came from Feltons of Preston, Lancashire which is a real treasure trove. It has an eclectic mix of architectural salvage, reclaimed materials, army surplus, outdoor equipment and used office furniture. Well worth an afternoons rummage and you’ll get a very warm welcome, we certainly did!

You may well ask why we need such a huge sink unit well… We plan on dyeing fabric, skeins etc and leaving them to drip from racks above the large sink and rinsing with the pull out rinse tap. This large central sink will also be for washing out inks and paint pots and so on and has been named the dirty sink. The two smaller sinks will be used for hand washing etc and so will be kept as clean sinks. We deliberately had the sinks on different levels to differentiate between them.

The last thing we have to do now is fit the splash back and hanging racks above.

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