Shore Cottage Flashback Friday

Shore Cottage 1938-1983-2013

Shore Cottage Flashback Friday

Today is Flashback Friday and we have three pictures of Shore Cottage for you.

Illustration of Shore Cottage showing boat house

This illustration is dated 1938 and is by an artist called John Pride. It shows Shore Cottage in the winter with boats stacked up against the boat store to the right hand side. This looks to be the same boat house shown in these photographs here and here

Estate Agent's photograph 1983

This photograph was taken in 1982 and shows how the cottage was presented for auction by the Estate Agent. The cottage remained like this until 1983 when planning permission was granted for Sue and John Barnes to rescue the cottage from dereliction and turn it into a family home. At this point the cottage had no electricity, no drains, a well in the garden no internal ceilings and was in a very poor state of repair.

Shore Cottage and Shore Cottage Studio

Thirty years later and Sue, Kris and Laura now live happily together with a new generation of family. The mission now is to enjoy the cottage and to share it with everyone for the first time via Shore Cottage Studio’s inspirational creative courses. We can’t wait for our launch in January 2014 it is going to be such fun.

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