Three Things; Flashback Friday – Shore Cottage Studio build on George Clarke

George Clarke loved Shore Cottage Studio!

Friday is Flashback Friday on the Three Things Blog. This week we are looking back to filming our ‘reveal’ for George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. If you missed it you can watch it on 4oD

Filming the swooping shots for George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Here the camera and sound crew are filming those lovely swooping shots over the hedge. The equipment weighed a ton!

George Clarke at Shore Cottage Studio

Here is a gratuitous shot of George in front of the studio!

George strokes the floor at Shore Cottage Studio!

He loved our reclaimed, laser etched, custom parquet floor, the crew filmed George stroking it for a good 15 minutes and then none of that footage was used, C’est la vie.

George photographs the floor at Shore Cottage Studio

Just to prove he really did love the floor here is George taking a photo of it on his phone, wonder who he showed it to?

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