Flashback to Laura's Shore Cottage

Shore Cottage

Flashback to Laura's Shore Cottage

The Flashback today is to some old photographs of Laura and Shore Cottage. Since appearing on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces many people have assumed that Kris and Laura are new to Shore Cottage. This is not the case…

Laura outside Shore Cottage in the 1980s

You can read earlier blog posts about rescuing Shore Cottage from dereliction here and here. Laura moved into Shore Cottage before she started school in the early 1980s when her hobbies included frisbee and wearing gingham.

Laura and Kris in the 1990s

Laura moved away to university in the late 1990s and met Kris. Here they both are visiting Shore Cottage and messing about.

Shore Cottage and Shore Cottage Studio

Here is the cottage and studio in early December this year. The grasses out front have since been flattened by the recent storms but are now springing back up.

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