Flashback to Sketchy Pedro's

Sketchy Pedro’s

Flashback to Sketchy Pedro's

Flashback Friday today and back to the start of the summer this year, before work started on our new studio. As it is Garden Office Week we thought we’d show you our own design and build skills!

Made from Pallets in an afternoon

Before the build started on the new studio but after we had carried out maintenance to our footpath up the cliff and the boundary wall the garden was left in a bit of a state. Where once there had been lawn there was now baked dry mud and a not very beautiful breeze block wall. Not a very enticing place for the three youngest members of the Shore Cottage team to spend their summer holiday. Sue and Laura decided to remedy the situation with a spot of DIY.

Building Sketchy Pedro's

The builders who carried out the garden maintenance had left pallets behind for us so we had just about everything we needed. Laura drew up some plans which were of course ignored and the design evolved due to materials and equipment constraints. Unfortunately there was an ‘issue’ with the electric screwdriver and so Sue and Laura banged the whole thing together with nails. The window was completed with an outside shelf which meant the building could be used as an ice cream or pizza shop as well as a traditional house. But the building’s best feature was the ribbon fly screen door and curtains – who wouldn’t want to swish in and out of those?

Recycled objects!

The Sketchy Pedro’s sign itself was recycled from an earlier temporary play structure, Sketchy Pedro’s Bar, which served as a focus for an 18th birthday party a long while ago.

This playhouse stood all summer until the new studio was built, it is now in pieces but may be resurrected in another form for the Easter holidays who knows?



  1. Judy Heminsley - October 19, 2013 at 9:29 am

    I think this shows natural talent and I’m sure Martin will be taking notes 🙂

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