Shore Cottage Studio build one year on

Studio Build One Year On

Shore Cottage Studio build one year on

A Flashback to the build of our new studio. We can’t believe it was a whole year ago!

Bare garden plot before studio

This was our garden on the fifth of August 2013 an open space with shallow square holes ready for the Jackpads foundation system. A real calm before the storm shot snapped on a camera phone. The next day all hands were on deck for the build.

Camera Crew and Builders at Shore Cottage Studio

There were some photographs of the build we couldn’t share at the time. Whilst the build was ongoing we were being filmed for the Channel 4 show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces but were sworn to secrecy and couldn’t tell a soul. This is day two of the build, exactly a year ago today. Here you can see members of the production team alongside the builders from Swift.

Shore Cottage Studio August 2014

And here we are today the studio all bedded in looking like it has always been here. We are very pleased with the huge teasels which must surely be as high as an elephant’s eye!

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