Panorama, Shore Cottage (Sally's Cottage) and Tidal Ripples

Shore Cottage and Tidal Ripples

Panorama, Shore Cottage (Sally's Cottage) and Tidal Ripples

Today Kris waded out at high tide to capture little seen views of Shore Cottage (sometimes known locally as Sally’s Cottage).

Panoramic view of Shore Cottage from the Dee Estuary

He took several shots and stitched them all together using Photoshop’s Photo-merge tool to make this stunning panoramic shot.

Shore Cottage Reflected in the River Dee

The reflection of the cottage in the water makes this a wonderful shot, you can see our ‘Shore Cottage’ lifebelt which has been up on the house for 30 years and now also serves as our logo.

Tidal Ripples with distant boats on the horizon

We will leave you tonight with this serene scene of ripples on the tide and colourful boats on the horizon.

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