Three Things; Stained fabric, Studio Musings and Blackberry Feathers

Stained fabrics, studio musings and blackberry feathers

Wednesday is work in progress day.

Fabrics stained with rust and dyed with flower petals

Here Sue reveals some of her latest dyed fabrics and string. Transfer of rust with strong linear elements has been achieved by lashing fabric to a rusty pole with twine. The soft pastel colours have been achieved by binding flower petals including poppies in bundles with vinegar.

Sketchbook and scale model of Shore Cottage Studio

In order to accommodate our new studio one tree in the garden has had a branch pruned back. This has left a little flat space which we thought might be good for a bird table. Kris decided that a scale model of the studio would make an ideal perch and has been sketching up ideas for his laser cutter. Of course Kris being Kris he has made a scale model of the scale model as a proof of concept! We look forward to seeing the finished article.

White feathers in a blackberry dye bath

This week Laura has defrosted some blackberries from her freezer stash for some dye experiments. Here she is dyeing white feathers using an alkali dye bath with an iron mordant made from boiling rusty nails in white wine vinegar to lock the dye to the feather.

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