Bundle dyeing with flowers

Bundle Dyeing with Flowers

Bundle dyeing with flowers

Works in Progress today come from Sue who has been revealing her next batch of naturally dyed fabrics.

Natural dyeing string wrapped bundle

Sue bundle dyed cotton fabrics using a range of leaves, flowers and plant matter. This is a bundle of fuchsia flowers wrapped with cotton that had been soaked in milk and water. The tightly wrapped bundle was then submerged in cold black tea for about a week.

Unwrapping the flower bundle to discover the natural dyed pattern

Here is Sue unwrapping the bundle, you never quite know what you will find, sometimes you have a very clear transfer print of the dyestuff other times you may get a much more diffuse watercolour effect. Here we seem to have a pleasing mix of the two.

Dried and pressed ready for the next steps

Here is the fabric dried, pressed ready and waiting for some stitch embellishment or to be taken forward as one of Sue’s other projects.

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