Three Things; Works in Progress – Full Steam Ahead with the New Studio


Works in Progress Wednesday and this week it is full steam ahead with the New Studio. Rather than showing you some artistic works in progress we thought you might like to see some shots of us knuckling down to some manual work.


Laura works on the Shore Cottage Studio Life Ring


Laura is prepping a life ring for the side of the studio. It needs to have all the old paint stripped off, then sanded all over and finally re-painted. It should look as lovely as the one on the front of Shore Cottage in no time.


Sue planes some driftwood

Sue is planing some driftwood with the electric planer to smooth the edges somewhat. The final piece will help secure the life ring to the studio and conceal the fixings.

Kris prepares the Parquet floor blocks


Here is Kris preparing some of the parquet flooring for the studio. It is reclaimed flooring and needs the bitumen removing by hand from each block. The pile to his right is the ‘to do’ pile.


Kris prepares the Parquet floor blocks


This is the ‘done’ pile!



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  2. Martin - August 28, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    You guys are an inspiration! Apart from the hard work and skills.. you should run courses on time-management because you fit an amazing amount into each day!
    Keep up the great work.

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