Laser cut print lock of George Clarke by Kris Heath

Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Cut Print Blocks – George

Laser cut print lock of George Clarke by Kris Heath

Wednesday is ‘Works in Progress’ day on the Three Things blog. This week Kris has been experimenting more with laser cut printing blocks. Kris has a love of all things typographic and can’t resist making new typeface print blocks, but after the success of producing an image of Laura’s eye he decided to have another go at a photographic image.

Laser cut and ready for inking

Who else could he choose as his subject this week other than Channel 4’s George Clarke? The Shore Cottage Studio story is being shown tomorrow (21/11/2013) night at 8pm on channel 4 as part of episode five of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. We can’t wait to see the show and thought George wouldn’t mind. Kris can laser etch print blocks up to A4 size, this particular one is smaller than A5 size. Here the block is etched and ready for inking.

Inking with a roller - laser cut print block

A printers’ ink is used and only a very fine layer of ink is transferred to the block using an ink roller. The ink is first rolled out onto a smooth surface such as a glass tile to ensure the roller is evenly coated.

Print of laser cut print block by Kris Heath

Here is the first print taken from the block. What do you think of it? Kris runs creative laser cutting courses here at Shore Cottage Studio where you can make print blocks of your own.

Don’t forget to watch us tomorrow on TV and let us know here and on Facebook and Twitter what you think of the new studio.


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  1. JKlasers - December 3, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    This is fantastic. Came out really well! Thanks for the post and the images šŸ™‚

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