Three Things; Works in Progress – Laser Etched Flooring

Laser Etched flooring by Kris Heath

Today’s works in Progress are Kris’ latest flooring samples. Kris has produced some new laser etched blocks to send to potential commissioning clients.

Bird design laser etched onto parquet floor

Since laser etching our own reclaimed parquet flooring for Shore Cottage Studio it has been much admired. Our own design began as photographs of swooping flocking oystercatchers out on the Dee Estuary. Kris then digitised the image and laser etched individual birds into reclaimed parquet blocks whilst Laura laid them onto the wooden subfloor.

Lace design laser etched into parquet floor by Kris Heath

This new design is taken from a vintage lace collar that Kris found in Sue’s linen collection. Here Kris shows that one design can be taken over several blocks and line up with precision. Any image can be digitised and traces including company logos or even photographs.

Lace laser etched onto blue stained wood

Here Kris has laser etched away the top, stained layer, of the wood exposing the under, non stained, layer. The design could also be reversed so that the background shows as plain wood and the lace as blue stain.

What would you commission for your dream floor?

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